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SERENADA originates from SERENITY.   LA SERENADE for Spanish speaking people means Music for lovers

Serenada Eco Resort is the nearest ecological resort from Kampala offering the visitors a conserved tropical forest, the majestic Lake Victoria, fabulous gardens, caves, rich bird population, rare monkeys, butterflies, monitor lizards, pangolins, statunga and other wildlife.

Reception and sunset deckSerenada Eco Resort is just 35 minutes from Beach House, Ggaba next to Kampala University by special and comfortable fibre glass Serenada boats. The Resort is located in a serein village along the shores of Lake Victoria in Kyagwe, Mukono District, Uganda.

At Serenada Eco Resort you will enjoy nature, healthy organic food and a variety of rewarding activities.

Serenada Eco Resort can be your weekend retreat with the family or a holiday of relaxing activities such as fishing, bird watching, sunbathing, beach games, cycling, Lake cruise, and other water sports, nature walk, papyrus canoeing, mountain hiking, village biking, beach games or having a romantic honeymoon. The resort is a suitable destination for both locals and foreigners.

Serenada's mission:
To conserve nature for present and future generations.

A unique future for Serenada - Its mission is also to serve as a teaching environment for students of Botany. Besides the natural forests, additional rare trees are planted which have been labeled with names and purposes so that guests can learn about various trees and plants plus their usages. Currently the resort can boast of being the host of many indigenous trees.



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